Hello Guiders,

Can I just say, you’re doing great! Like seriously great. You’re creating great Guiding, whatever that looks like right now. Yes, it isn’t what we are used to and you may have no idea what next week will hold, but each time you engage with the girls, you’re doing great.

In Pacific Shores Area so many amazing things are happening. I hear units are hiking in the forests, singing together online, crafting under picnic shelters, and learning their Promises (while sitting on buckets in really big circles). We’ve had a unit meet up with their international penpals on Zoom. And girls have been enjoying the ocean on paddle boards. Some units are still getting up to speed and planning their first encounters, that’s really awesome too!

We begin with “I promise to do my best”. MY best, not THE best! And we continue with “To be true to myself”, which really important. Especially right now. It is essential that we, as Guiders, are true to ourselves and recognize our strengths and limitations. So, do your best, but also be gentle with yourself if it takes a form or magnitude other than what you hoped for. You are enough! You are doing enough!

And the program, it’s yours to create! The GGC Guider Handbook tells us “Remember, these are just guidelines! The girl program is designed to be flexible and girl-driven.”  (p. 18). So, if you feel the girls deserve a Theme badge after less than the recommended number of activities, award it! Make the program work for your unit.

Feeling overwhelmed? Too much info coming at you right now (or maybe not enough)? Not like Guiding is the only thing going on in your life either, right?!? Make use of the user-friendly resources that have been developed for you. The One Stop Guider Support Shop is well, just like the name implies! The Badge in a Box bundles located on the Program Platform, make planning easy. Or get your girls to sign up for the new Virtual Guider Meetings, they look really engaging!

Need help? Reach out to your District Commissioner, she is there to support you. Or connect on our PSA Guiders Facebook group. While you are on Facebook, the BC Girl Guides – Unofficial group and the Girl Guiding Canada (Unofficial) group are amazing resources for ideas and to share in the sisterhood.

And who am I to say such things? Hi! I’m Mindy, the new Area Program Adviser. I’m here to support Guiders with program in any way I can. If you need support to figure out how to help girls earn their Awards right now, let’s chat. If you are stuck for ideas to cover a certain part of the program, please ask. I’m a unit guider too and would love to brainstorm solutions with you. In the coming months I will be introducing some fun, optional supplements for the program in Pacific Shores Area, so stay tuned. I can be reached at psa.programadviser@gmail.com

In my favourite Guiding song, we sing:

We’ve a promise to always keep,
And sing “Day is Done” before we sleep.
We’re Girl Guides together, and when we’re gone,
We’ll still be a-trying and a-singing this song

So, thank you for a-trying. That’s really all you need to do right now (and of course, follow those protocols for singing!)


Keep up the Great Guiding!


Pacific Shores Area –  Program Adviser



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