The land for the Guide Hall was purchased by Girl Guides of Canada February 23rd 1922 for $250.00 from Mrs. Kenneth Duncan. The lot was cleared by volunteer labour (ie parents and youth members). The supplies to build the hall cost approx $500.00. Mr. “Jack” Henslowe, was the architect, Mr. Oscar C. Brown the builder, and Mr. Victor Scholey the electrician. Mr. J.E. Somverville (the manual training supervisor at Duncan Elementary) was the building superviser. The 5 Douglas Fir Trees at the front of the property were about waist high when the land was purchased. The Hall is a product of local labour, and local materials.

The first official meeting was held in the hall June 8th of 1922, even though the windows were not installed yet. The end of September half of the windows were installed even though it took until sometime in 1924 to install the remaining windows. (the open windows were boarded up lol) The total cost of the land and the building, including the windows, the stove, all the electrical work etc was about $1500.00

April 25th 1923 was the first visit to the Hall by Lord and Lady Baden-Powell. Within the hall were Guides, Brownies, Scouts, Cubs, and all their leaders. Children from surrounding schools lined the road as if it were a visit from Royalty. Chief Scout Sir Robert Baden-Powell laughed at the remaining gaping windows and Lady Baden-Powell wrote in a letter afterwards that “Duncan struck me as being one of the most ‘alive’ Guide centres that I have met within my whole tour through Canada.” Lady Baden-Powell also came the the Duncan Guide Hall in 1935, 1946, 1952,

In May of 1942 the Guide Hall was used as an Air Raid Precautions Post, and in July it became First Aid Post #1 organised by the Canadian RedCross and the Local Air Raid Precautions. November of 1942 The Duncan Consolidated School Board moved into the Guide Hall as the St. John’s Hall had burned down. In 1949 the schools in Duncan were crowded, and the Hall was still being used by the schools in the area for their Physical Recreation when there was wet weather.

1947 Saw the FIRST Girl Guide Cookies arriving at the hall to be sold by the units in Duncan.

When the Guide Hall was restored to meet insurance guidelines in 1982, a letter was sent to National with the question…. Is the Duncan Guide Hall the longest owned Guiding property in Canada? The letter was responded to with a YES. Duncan Guide Hall is the longest owned Guiding property in Canada.