Camp Creina is a perfect location for campers of all ages, with various levels of camping experience.  From buildings with indoor plumbing, to basic tent sites with permanent shelters, to a bare field with only running water and latrines, there is something for everyone at Creina.

There are 2 buildings for indoor camping or 7 campsites to choose from at Camp Creina.  Please see the map at the bottom of the page for each site’s location within the camp.

Buildings for Indoor Camps

Kakaleetza: the original “Ember Shelter” is a favourite camping spot in Camp Creina.  Featuring a large kitchen area,  a propane stove with grill and oven, fridge, and lots of counter space it offers camp cooks a great place to cook for a group. The adjoining room features a fireplace and room for seating a unit of girls at 3 large tables and benches.  Separated by a high wall, an empty room next  to it can be used for activities and/or sleeping a unit of girls on the floor.


Maple Lodge & Bunkhouse: The bunkhouse is attached to the main building by a breezeway. This newest addition to Camp Creina will sleep 30 people in the main area. These are wooden bunks with NO mattresses provided–please have participants bring sleep mattresses and sleeping bags. A leaders’ area will sleep 8 adults and contains a toilet, wash-up area and a shower. There are 3 private toilets (one for persons with disabilities), a wash-up area and a separate shower for the main hall use. Hot water is “on demand” and must be turned on at the beginning of camp by the caretaker.

The main building has a kitchen area with a propane stove with grill and oven, a fridge and cupboard stocked with cooking pots and utensils. See the FAQ section for more details.

On either side of the kitchen area are 2 large rooms, one with tables for eating, the other wide open for activities.

Tenting Sites

Khenispen is located below Kakaleetza and above the “All-Camp” campfire circle. Eight “all-weather” tarped tents have been erected on wood platforms, surrounding a wooden shelter with an air-tight stove and ample shelves for cooking and storage. Two long tables under cover can be used for eating and camp activities. Two picnic tables are also on site for outdoor use. The site has an equipment cupboard stocked for “easy” camping. Check FAQ for details.

Sail-O-Quas is the first campsite up the road on the left. The kitchen shelter is close to the road, with six tent pads spread throughout the wooded sections and the periphery of the large open area. A fire ring offers great cook-outs and an invitation to a wonderful campfire.

The kitchen shelter has an air-tight wood-burning stove, shelves for storage and 2 large tables with benches for eating and camp activities. A water tap at the road entrance and a liquid disposal pit allows for easy camp cooking. A locked cupboard contains most of the supplies needed for easy camping. Check FAQ for details.

McBryan, named after a long-time Cowichan Area (Duncan) Guider who ran a Guide Unit until she was well into her eighties, is the original “Macy” shelter–a cement padded shelter with a stove and tables and benches. It is adjacent to the road, with a campfire circle nearby with nine tentpads in the trees, and an open area where more tents can be pitched. Its lat is behind the woodshed; and the Joyce Lonsdale Trail starts behind the shelter. A water tap is located at the corner of the building.

McBryan is a large area, loosely outlined–perfect for older girls who can set up silver and gold camps in separate areas.

Please note: some of the outlying tent pads are old and need clearing; perhaps a good service project?

Naomona is located on a cleared campsite, with all five of the platformed tents facing inwards towards the camp shelter. One tentpad is wheelchair accessible. The tents are all-weather, mildew resistant material. The kitchen shelter has tables under cover and an air-tight wood-burning stove and a cupboard containing almost everything you need for Girl Guide camping.

This is a perfect site for a weekend camp as the tents are already set up–just arrive, set up your kitchen, have the girls spread out their bedding and let the FUN begin!

Lamalcha is the last campsite on the left before heading up the hill to Kaatsa. Guides and PFs especially like this site as the tentpads are in the woods, obscured from the penetrating eye of the Guiders who camp beside the shelter. Four tent pads are located amongst the trees, 2 beside the shelter, and one across the open area (for the more timid girls/or possibly the noisiest girls??). The shelter has 2 long tables for eating and camp activities; the kitchen has an airtight, wood-burning stove, with several shelves for storage. A locked cupboard contains most items needed for camp (check the FAQ for details). Picnic tables are available for outdoor use.

Hecate is located mid-way along the road, opposite a large clearing where the Macy shelter is located (McBryan campsite). It has a rustic shelter with covered kitchen and eating area, with an airtight woodstove for heat and cooking, with a fully-stocked camp cupboard to make camping easy. Check FAQ for details.

Seven tent pads are located throughout the trees. This campsite has many trees that can be used for hanging hammocks and shelters, and have been used by units with older girls for this purpose.

A trail over the camp creek leads off the end of the campsite. A water tap and liquid disposal pit are conveniently located; the lat is nearby.

Kaatza is located at the “top” end of Camp Creina, at the end of the road. It is a “wilderness” site with a lat, water tap and woodshed, but with no other buildings or tentpads. This is an excellent area to practice for SOAR camps, or wilderness, moving camps.
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Camp Creina Map

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