• Water taps are located at each campsite, and both buildings are plumbed with cold water.
  • Water is not potable and it’s recommended that campers bring their own drinking water. 
  • The bunkhouse has flushing toilets and hot water “on demand.” If you would like hot water while staying in the bunkhouse, please request this when booking, as the caretaker must turn it on.


  • The kitchens in Maple Lodge and Kakaleetza have kitchen-sized refrigerators. 
  • A “cooler room” is located in the tool shed near the parking lot.  You will find fridge/freezers in this room, which are shared by all tent sites.  Please clearly label food items with your unit name/campsite.


  • Permanent outdoor latrines are located near each building and tenting sites


  • Swimming is allowed in the river during summer months. 
  • A LIFEGUARD is required as per Safe Guide.
  • Shoes must be worn when in or near the water.


  • A camp phone is located on the outside wall  behind the equipment storage shed near the parking lot. 
  • Please use the camp phone if calling the caretaker for assistance. 
  • Cellphone reception is sporadic at Camp Creina.


  • A rustic, fun, challenging area has been set up with monkey bars, tires, a balancing rope and a climbing structure. 
  • ADULT SUPERVISION REQUIRED when visiting the obstacle course.


  • There are three trails at Camp Creina – All should involve adult supervision. 
  • The Trail sign just past the Sail-o-Quas campsite directs participants over a creek and across the Marion Goodwin Memorial bridge.  This trail has some steep sections.
  • The Joyce Lonsdale Trail begins behind the McBryan / Macy shelter, climbs up and through a wonderful forested section.  It has a few  wooden signs identifying some of the natural species of trees and shrubs.  Unfortunately many of the signs have been vandalized and the Committee is presently working at replacing them.  A third trail begins at the end of the Parking Lot, but is undergoing a clean-up and is not used much.


  • The nature cupboard houses interesting nature items found at Camp Creina.
  • It’s located at the back of the tool shed, and the key can be found inside the cooler room.


  • The chapel is a non-denominational, inspirational setting in the woods with log benches and a dais.
  • The chapel entrance is located across from the Sail-O-Quas campsite.