Lones is an option for girls who are unable to attend regular meetings due to distance, health, studies or physical challenge. As a Lone, girls can continue in Guiding by working long distance with a Guider. Lones earn badges, do service projects, play games and participate in fun activities. Lones can take part in camps, trips, selling cookies and special events. They will receive regular packages by e-mail and regular mail and will have regular contact with their Guider.

You’re never alone when you’re a Lone!

If you are interested in joining Girl Guides of Canada as a Lone Member, contact the BC Provincial Office.

Lones Campership

Many girls in Lones (Sparks through Rangers) do not have easy access to Guiding events and their finances often limit their ability to attend.

The Elaine Hodgson Memorial Lone Guide Campership is available to help girls in Lones to experience all that their Guiding sisters enjoy.