Link Membership: Staying Involved in Guiding as a Young Woman

Link is a membership activity for young women under 30. Link members participate in Guiding in whatever capacity they choose – whether that’s by completing Link Program activities, connecting with Link members and meeting other young women who share a passion for Guiding, becoming a Unit Guider, or volunteering in Guiding in another way that fits their busy schedule. Link is a great way for young women to continue their involvement in Guiding that suits their interests, skills and schedule.

Benefits of Link membership

  • Participate in the Link Program and take on new challenges
  • Meet, connect and socialize with other young women
  • Scholarship opportunities
  • National and international travel opportunities
  • Volunteer opportunities at the local, provincial or national levels
  • Access to training programs
  • Stay connected to Guiding while you transition through school and career choices
  • Develop skills that are highly valued in the workplace, such as communications, event planning, facilitation and more

How to become a Link member

If you are already a member of GGC, reach out to your Provincial Council for details on how to get involved in Link in your community. If you are looking to become a member of GGC, complete the adult registration form.

Check out our Link Connections newsletter for the latest Link news.