The District is named after the beautiful Great Blue Heron that lives along its shoreline.

Ladysmith, Chemainus, Crofton, and Salt Spring Island.

District Commissioner: Amanda Gillmore
Deputy District Commissioner: Cathie Gillette

Ladysmith Units:

  • 1st Ladysmith Sparks
  • 1st Ladysmith Embers
  • 1st Ladysmith Guides
  • 1st Ladysmith Pathfinders
  • 1st Ladysmith Rangers

Chemainus Units:

  • 1st Chemainus Sparks
  • 1st Chemainus Embers
  • 1st Chemainus Guides

Salt Spring Island Units:

  • 1st Salt Spring Island Sparks
  • 1st Salt Spring Island Embers
  • 1st Salt Spring Island Guides
  • 1st Salt Spring Island Pathfinders
  • 1st Salt Spring Island Rangers

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