After viewing the booking rates, you will find the booking instructions and the booking form below.
To view the availability of any Pacific Shores Area property, please see the Booking Calendar .



  • $10/night/person for Girl Guides of Canada and Scouting members
  • $12/night/person for Non Girl Guides of Canada and Scouting Members

All tenting sites

  • $8/night/person for Girl Guides of Canada and Scouting members.
  • $10/night/person for Non Girl Guides of Canada and Scouting members.

Maple Lodge and Bunkhouse

  • $12/night/person for GGC and Scouting Members.
  • $14/night/person for Non Girl Guides of Canada and Scouts members.

Any part of Camp Creina

  • $5.00 flat fee – Committee/Unit Meeting
  • $1.00/person for Girl Guide members for Day or Unit outing (<12 hours)
  • $2.00/person for non-Guiding for Day or Unit outing (<12 hours)

Booking Instructions:

Please follow these quick and easy steps:

      1. Download and print the booking form. Once complete, mail the form and two cheques to the PSA Properties Administrator.  Please note:  The booking form and the 2 cheques must be received by the PSA Properties Administrator before your requested can be processed
      2. Review this website and the Camp Creina Infomation Sheet for all the latest information.
      3.  1-2 weeks prior to your booking date, EVERY Responsible Guider must complete a Camp Orientation.  Please phone one of the individuals listed at the bottom of the Camp Creina Information Sheet, and be sure to have your Camp Creina Information Guide with you when you have your orientation as a reference. This is also excellent opportunity to ask questions or review camping procedures that you’re not sure of.
      4. Once the booking form is received, the Properties Administrator will send confirmation to the the Responsible Guider/Adult listed on the form.  You will first receive a confirmation email, followed by a confirmation form in the mail.
      5. Within 10 days of your camp, please send the completed confirmation form and your payment to the PSA Properties Administrator.

If you have any questions about Camp Creina or the booking process, please contact the PSA Properties Administrator:


2018 Camp Creina Booking Form