Become a Volunteer


Congratulations on joining Girl Guides. You or your daughter (s) will learn life long skills, have fun and adventure, go camping, and most of all make lasting friendships.

The group your daughter has joined has its' own District, and our Pacific Shores Area encompasses them all. Each District runs their Units, and while some things may operate differently from another District or group, our MIssion and Promise remain the same.

Your Unit is run by volunteer Guiders --who themselves hold jobs, have families and other interests and obligations just like you. Your help is very much appreciated. If you have special talents, or can hook up a Unit with a cool field trip, please offer your suggestions to your Guider. As well, most Districts can use your help too, such as acting as the secretary, etc.

Cookies are our major fundraiser for all groups. Monies earned go to the girls programming, special events ( such as SOAR, only one example) and to their Districts and Units--back to the girls. Guiders need your help in selling the Mint Cookies in the Fall, and the Classics in the Spring. While the cookie maker and the price is different, one thing remains the same --cookies are our tradition. What are Girl Guides without cookies? Districts and or groups sell them in various ways -- make sure you do your part by helping them out.

Fees -- these are a necessary part of your Units operation, helping to pay for insignia, special events, crafts, program materials, crests, badges, and in some cases rent for the space they occupy at meetings. Each Unit looks after this and sets their means of payment, either in advance or at weekly meetings.

Camping -- again, this is up to each group. Please offer your help -- perhaps they can use an extra helper or someone to cook at camp for them. Some groups camp all throughout the year, while others are just one timers, in the Spring. Camp is such a fun, rewarding experience for your daughter.

Uniform Options -- Girl Guides is a uniformed organization, with more choices than ever before. If you have access to a borrowed uniform, or older style, these are acceptable. For your Girl Guide shopping needs, items can be ordered through the on-line Guide Store .  Note: Santa shops at the Guide store too!

If you decide to become a Guider -- a variety of trainings from Food Safe to Outdoor Leadership are offered and encouraged, and do look good on your resume! Support is only a call away from other Guiders or your District Commissioner. More than ever, we have girls but no Guiders. Make a difference in a young girls life -- and while it is volunteer, you will receive so much more than money can buy -- be a girls' mentor today!

Whatever role you play in Girl Guides, we appreciate your help and support!