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On March 29, 2012, Michaela King received the Save-on-Foods Amazing Kid award. Michaela is a very active member of the Chase River Rangers in Nanaimo and it’s no wonder she was nominated and chosen as an Amazing Kid.

Michaela has been in Guiding for 12 years and has participated in hundreds of events. From Camp S’more to Camp SOAR, she’s done it all. Now she’s moving from attending the Nanaimo Arbutus District Snowflake Ball to organizing them with her fellow Rangers.  As Ranger leader, Noreen Keen, says, “Michaela excels at leadership.” She’s always one of the first to volunteer to share her knowledge, skills, and experience with the younger Guiders.  After teaching a young group of Guides the art of putting up and taking down a tent, they all celebrated with cupcakes and candles – teaching them how to light the candle safely, of course!

She was joined at the presentation of her $1000 cheque by her family and her Guiding leaders. “We are all so proud of Michaela and she truly deserves this recognition because she freely donates her time and effort to help make Guiding in Nanaimo Arbutus District a fun place to be,” says Ranger leader Jamie Lawlor. 

View the Save on Foods presentation here.

In November, I was fortunate enough to be sponsored by Girl Guides to take part at the Global Issues Symposium For Youth in Port Moody that is put on by the Canadian Red Cross.

I really didn't know what to expect before I went. How many kids were there? What kind of activities are we going to do? Will I make friends? Will my ride show up?! Luckily, all of the above were answered (thanks for the ride Tara!). When I first arrived there, there were about six other kids, all from different parts of BC. I was so nervous, I didn't know anyone there! There were twelve Resource Leaders there who put together the program for the weekend and they were incredibly helpful at making us comfortable and getting to know everyone else.

Through out the weekend I did different workshops pertaining to different workshops such HIV/AIDS, food security, landmines and clusterbombs, international humanitarian law and refugees (incredible guest speakers!). In between all of these workshops, there were games and time to ask questions as well as reflect on what we had just learned. All in all, it was a life-changing experience for me.

It reinforced my beliefs that there are amazing youth out there who are ready to make a change in the world and it helped me find a clearer path to what I'd like to do with my life. In Nelson Mandela's Inauguration speech, he quoted Marianna Williamson, "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure." That entire weekend inspired me like nothing else.

In February, the Canadian Red Cross is holding a follow-up event called Humanity Strikes Back which I am hoping to attend! Many thanks to Girl Guides for giving me this opportunity!

Rachel Maria